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Focus Groups

Focus your marketing strategy with customer feedback.

She Media NY, LLC has planned and executed highly successful targeted Focus Groups in the fields of Medical Malpractice, Education, Healthcare and dozens of other industries. In today's climate of on-line consumerism and massive data acquisition, it can be easy to lose insight as to "why" customers make a given purchase decision. Focus groups allow for qualitative research into your customers' emotions and motivations - with invaluable documented customer feedback regarding your products and servcies.

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Motivational Speakers What's Your Marketing Strategy?

She Media NY, LLC can work with your business to evaluate your marketing campaigns and ensure that they are being planned and executed in the most productive way to provide maximum exposure at a reasonable cost.

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Motivational Speakers

Need to motivate and inspire your team?

She Media NY, LLC will conduct interviews with your team to identify key issues affecting your business, then provide effective options for a motivational speaker presentation. Our team of professional speakers is available to come to your office or event and offer a custom-tailored presentation that will address the key issues confronting your business and inspire new thinking from your team. Public speaking engagements are tailored to your needs, whether charging up your Sales team, providing marketing tips or management seminars, the topics will be relevant, powerful and most of all, motivational.